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Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Women often pick up self-help books or watch shows like Oprah or Dr. Phil to get ideas on finding love or improving their love relationships?  It isn’t that men don’t want to improve their relationships, but most men think that relationships should just happen naturally.


Do you want the answer to the century old question: Why don’t men ask for directions?  The answer to this question directly corresponds to why a man doesn’t seek help in finding love and making love work! 


Men seem to feel that they have an innate GPS system that is expected of them.  If they have to ask for directions, it shows that they are inept at getting to their destination without help.  The older men get and the more experience they have with asking for directions (usually because of the insistence of a woman), the more they realize that they often can get to their destination more quickly with some assistance.


The more evolved man is willing to ask for help. These men are more comfortable in their own skin and therefore willing and ready to ask for help especially when it comes to finding a love relationship. 


You’ve got to admit that things have really changed in the area of dating and relationships.  Our forefathers (and foremothers) would be scratching their heads if they were trying to find love in today’s society.  It is like someone took everything that had been true for centuries and centuries and changed the rules of love.  They didn’t bother tell us the new rules. Maybe they thought it would be amusing to watch us try to figure it all out.   Not FUNNY!


More and more women are saying, “I can’t figure it out on my own.”  Will someone help me?  There are so many books being written on the subject of dating and relationships.  But most of these books are written for women.  Why? Simply put, it is because the authors need to sell their books. 


Men tend to want simple answers. They want the bottom line.  They want to know the answers to the following questions: 

  • Tell me how to attract a woman. 
  • Tell me what to say to the woman so that she is attracted to me. 
  • Tell me how to know if she is interested.


Once he gets past these few problems and she’s attracted to him, he feels he is on the home stretch.  Things should just happen naturally from this point.  Wrong!  Today’s woman wants more from her man than their foremothers.  They want a deeper connection.  But men want something more too.  


Men and women want to the same basic thing.  They want to be desired.  They want love and passion that is sustainable.  They want a healthy relationship where they feel honored, appreciated and even admired.  Is that possible?  We believe it is!  In order to get what you want, you will need to learn some new skills.   You are going to have to forget a lot of what you “think you know.” 


So if you are man who has not asked for directions to find the love you want, we hope you will consider doing so.  You will get to where you want to go a lot faster and without as much pain. 


Did you know that nearly 40% of our attendees at the Soul Mate Quest Seminar are men?  Yep!  They are the more evolved men who are willing to ask for directions.  We have been increasing our male attendance each time we do one of our seminars, mostly because the men who have attended are referring their friends. We think that says something about what we are offering.  It is meeting the needs of our male attendees.  So are you willing to ask for directions?


We hope to see you there.


Jeannine and Keith Kaiser


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