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Collin Member Name: dragoon670 Member ID: 008095
Caucasian / White, 31, Single - Never Married SAN BRUNO, , United States

Personal Details
Gender: Male
Age: 31 (23-July-1988)
Race: Caucasian / White
Marital Status: Single - Never Married
Children: 0
Religion: Christian / Catholic
Drinking: Non-alcoholic beverages only
Smoking: Never
Food: Italian
Occupation: Student
Education: Some college
Languages: English (Fluent)
Spanish (Minimal)
Interests: Arts / Crafts
Computers / Internet
Martial Arts
Movies / Cinema
Museums / Galleries
Music - Rock
Travel / Sightseeing
Volunteer / Charity
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Light Brown
Body Type: Heavy
Height: 5'09" - (175 cm)

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General Information
I'm currently a digital art student at a college in the SF
Bay Area, studying to become a Film/TV compositor. I'm in my
senior year of studies and hopefully will be graduating in
about 4 months. I also consider myself a gamer. Board games,
card games, video games, word games, puzzles, I'll give any
of it a chance, anything that challenges my thought
processes and critical thinking against some confined system
or another player is exhilerating. With my exceedingly busy
school schedule, I don't often have the opportunity to get
out much, but when I do, it's usually for an immediate
purpose, or to a beach or park on the rare times I'm looking
to just get out and spend time away from home. I'm half
Maltese, and had the opportunity to go to Malta 8 years ago.
It was a different kind of experience, people lived so
simply yet so similarly to my friends and I in the U.S..
Someday I hope to learn to sail or get a pilot's license and
sail the skys.
I'd consider my physical appearance modestly average, I'm a
touch over 5'9, and a bit overweight. My best feature
however is my eyes, in the right circumstances they slightly
shift color between blue-green and hazel. I tend to wear
what's comfortable to me, mostly things that resonate with
my interests, unless I'm trying to impress, then it's
anywhere from jean's and a tshirt to full suit and tie.

Looking for
In a girl or friend in general I look for something
specific, yet also general. I look for people that seem
to resonate with a piece of me, something inside that person
that catches my interests. Interests in common certainly
help, any reason to hang out doing something we both enjoy
is obviously a plus. That said, differences in interests are
also good in that they introduce new experiences. It's
important for me that a person act as they are, that they
don't hide part of themself just to please more people. In
terms of values or morals, I want someone that has them, it
doesn't so much matter to me what is important to you, as
much as something is important to you, Of course there's
some things I may disagree with someone on, but when isn't
there? Personality wise and appearance wise I'm generally
speaking open across the board, someone that is outspoken is
fine as they'll likely get me to speak more, someone that
enjoys quiet is also good, as I enjoy solitude on
occasion. Interes wise, as I said anything we share is
cool, but if we don't that's cool too. Just don't try to get
me to change my interests without good reason, and "it makes
you seem like a dork" is not a good reason. There are
however 3 things that can put me at odds with someone, this
is part of what separates friends from my inner circle to
me. Drinking, Smoking (including substances other than
tobacco), and Partying. My main objection to these is not
them themselves it's the loss of control with them. I am
friends with many people who do all of the above, and
sometimes more. Some of them maintain control, and that's
fine for them, sure it still has an impact on their work,
but they generally function well enough. Then again I know
some people that think you're not having fun unless you
black out. That's not cool, it's all about moderation for
me. For some people moderation is none at all, and others
it's significantly more than none, to each their own, but
know your limits, respect your limits. Preferably I'm
looking for someone close to where I live. I live on the
peninsula, just south of Daly City. The only reason I'm
looking for someone close to where I live, is because the
closer you are, the easier it is to hang out.
Gender: Female
Age From: 19
Age To: 22

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