Eight Ways to Kill your Chances for a Second Date

I seemed like a great first date…

Dear Annie, Mike and I had a wonderful first date. We talked about everything. We both want to get married and have kids. He makes good money and lives in a great neighborhood, so I’m sure he’ll be a great provider.

She told him what she needs if he dates her

He was fine when I told him that I have to wait for three months before we have sex.

I’m not quite sure why his last relationship didn’t work out. He seemed reluctant to go into detail. I think he needs to sharpen his communication skills, but I can help him with that.

But, he hasn’t called back and it’s been three days. What should I do? Suzanne

He never called back

Suzanne, I think Mike is sending you a message. He probably had fun with you, but wasn’t inspired go on another date.

A man isn’t likely to call for a second date if a woman:

1. Quizzes him about his intentions or talks about her biological clock and her desire to marry within a year.

2. Tells him that it will be a long time between the first date and their first opportunity to have sex.

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